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Famous Mahayapi Temple In Nepal

There is a famous Mahayapi temple located at Mahayapi, kathmnadu, Nepal.

Mahayapi temple is also known as Mahipi temple and is situated in Mahayapi hill. This is infact temple of Mahayapi Ajima. Ajima means mother. Mahayapi temple is famously known as temple of love.

People do marriage in Mahayapi temple so that their love last forever and they should be soul mate for their seven lives.

Many boys and girls come out here to do puja of Mahayapi devi to get their desire love.

Mahayapi temple is build according to tanric philosophy and is temple of Shakti the Ying Principle. Mahayapi temple is situated in Mahayapi hill. Inside Mahayapi temple you find statues of various god and goddess like god Ganesh, Shiva Linga, Radha Krishna, Vishnu Laxmi etc.

Both Hindu and Buddhist come here to do tantric hoom and pooja.

This temple is build according to Hindu and Buddhist philosophy as both Hindu and Buddhist statues are situated inside Mahayapi temple area.
If you are facing problems in life or marriage life or not finding desire soul mate then online puja at Mahayapi temple is highly recommended for you.

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