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Ekadasi Food – What can be eaten on Ekadashi?

Ekadasi, or Ekadashi, is an important Upvaas (fast) dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Millions of Hindu devotees observe Ekadasi, which is considered highly auspicious by Lord Vishnu devotees. The traditional approach is to abstain from food completely on the day.

But nowadays a complete fast is not possible for many people. Such people consume certain food items on the Ekadasi day and observe only a partial fast. It is believed that demon Mura found a dwelling place in the rice and Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Ekadasi to annihilate Mura.

Therefore devotees who fast on the Ekadashi day avoid food made from grains. Many devotees due to several reasons – like health and job commitments – observe partial fast on the day. Such people avoid non-vegetarian and food items made from beans, pulses and grains, especially rice.

The most preferred Ekadasi fasting food in western parts of India is Sabudana Khichadi with potatoes and ground nut – but no onion and garlic. The food that can be consumed on the Ekadasi day includes fresh and dried fruits, milk products, vegetables and nuts.

As the list of Ekadasi food expands there will be new issues cropping up like – Are you sure this can be consumed on Ekadasi? So the golden rule is avoid pulses and grains on Ekadasi. Drink lots of water and eat fresh and dried fruits.

In Hinduism, Upvaas is meant to bring a person close to Brahman. So forget about the rules and regulations and what you are going to gain from the Ekadashi fast. Spend the day in purifying the mind and body.

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    in hindu religion in ekadashi day why we should not eat rice

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    the most common ekadashi food that people eat

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    we are not eating tha rice in ekadashi day why

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    shud we eatrice during ekadashi

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    in hindu mythology why rice is not eaten on ekadasi

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