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Durga Visarjan

Goddess Durga Visarjan is the last of the rituals connected to Navratri Durga Puja. On the last day of Vijayadashami, the idols are worshipped for one last time in the pandals by the devotees. The devotees offer arati and sweets to the Goddess. Women perform the sindhur khela ritual, in which they put vermillion on the forehead of the goddess and on each other. Then they prepare for a tearful farewell to the Goddess Durga.

After all the celebrations and festivities, the idols are taken out in a procession and immersed in the nearby rivers or lakes .This is similar to the Ganesh visarjan where idols are immersed in rivers and lakes. The idols are taken out in huge procession with people dancing and singing praises of the Goddess all the way. The importance of traditional drums and drummers comes into play when the “dhunuchi” dance is performed by devotees in front of the Goddess. With a smoking mixture of camphor, incense, tinder and coconut husk, called “dhuno”, poured inside wide brimmed clay pots, called dhunuchi, the devotee rests the pot in his hands and sways to the beats of dhakis in front of the goddess. The dance becomes intense with the rising tempo of the dhakis.

Thus the idols are immersed in water and the celebration comes to an end. Vijayadashami is a bittersweet day for the devotees. They are sad to see the Goddess go away to her heavenly abode after many days of non stop celebration and excitement. Her immersion leaves a void in the hearts of the devotees.

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