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Diwali Gift ideas for Corporates

Diwali is the festival of lights and the time for celebration in the whole country. It is a major national holiday and time for Corporate houses to chill out and take a break from the hectic schedule. It is also a great time for employers to build a bond with the employees and choose this occasion to present a memorable gift .

When you have to choose a gift for your employees or your clients, keep in mind that you may have to buy the gifts in bulk. So choose something which is available in bulk and is of the same make and quality. After all you dont want to mess up giving good ones to some of them and the not so good ones to others. Keep it as plain and equal as possible. When it comes to doing so for corporates, electronic gadgets is one of the best things to offer. You can choose from a simple music player to a digital camera to an LCD television depending on your budget. If you are on a limited budget, then gift hampers are the best ones as it allows the freedom to choosing the gift on the part of the user and you will be relieved from the responsibility of choosing the gift. Also gift hampers come in all denominations and will be convenient for corporates. However do not forget to gift sweets along with anything else. Remember there is no substitute for sweets on Diwali !

If you are choosing an electronic gadget or a beautiful wall clock with the photo of a deity, you could also use this occasion to brand your corporate identity. You can use your company logo on the gifts to increase your presence in the market. You can also choose to gift mugs or t shirts with your company logo on it. If you plan to do anything of these, try getting the gifts in different colours as the users will have a choice of colours.

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