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Divine characters’ Postures of Lord Ganesha

Though Ganesh postures seem to be unadorned, the fact is that those postures show numerous differences which showcase the craftsman ability to innovate every single detail of the posture including the way Ganesha has his trunk bent without neglecting the iconography in his features such as the ekadantha (broken tusk) and the serpent wrapped around his stomach.

There are many postures portraying lord Ganesha. But of all the postures the sitting posture is most commonly seen and portrayed in temples as well as in homes. Some examples are the dancing posture, Standing posture and riding on his mushika.

It symbolizes that though we live in the material world, He must absorb himself in the atman which resides within the body. This is the idea symbolized by the common Ganesh posture. One leg on the floor indicates Lord Ganesh’s concern for worldly affairs while the bent leg in semi meditation posture represents perfect concentration on the supreme reality, both of which indicates Divine characters.

In some cases Ganesh is portrayed sitting on the ground. In some other cases, like mural Shekavati paintings in Rajasthan, Ganesh is seen sitting on a low square-shaped table, sometimes six or eight sided. Different paintings of Ganesh portrait’s him in several manners. In the sitting posture, Ganesh is usually portrayed sitting on a tall seat (pitha), a kind of throne, or on a pedestal of lotus. Rajasthani havelis built during 18th and 19th centuries mostly have Ganesh idols decorating the walls.

Another common sitting posture called lalithasana(or the ease posture) portrays Ganesh sititing on a throne, with his left leg bent back, while the right leg remains hanging or resting on the floor. Ancient painting can be seen decorating the front wall of the main gateway, the gateway has been named Ganesh Pol (Ganesh doorway) and in the royal palace of the rajput kings in Amber (near Jaipur, Rajasthan).

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