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Devotees Pose a Problem For Traffic Police

Source: Times of India

NEW DELHI, INDIA, July 9, 2001: For traffic cops the “Kanwariyas” are a seasonal road hazard. With the advent of Sawan, the monsoon month, these bare-footed pilgrims carrying Ganga-water have started pouring into the city. “These Kanwariyas have erratic pedestrian movements. Belonging to the neighboring states of UP and Haryana, they often walk in the middle of the road. Such movements can put their lives in danger,” says a traffic police officer. The Kanwariyas usually enter the city and pass through three entry points. “These routes generally get more and more crowded as Shivaratri approaches,” says another official. The police are attempting to educate the Kanwariyas through pamphlets and public announcements.

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