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Devi Chinnamasta Temple, Nepal

There is very famous Temple of mother Chinnamasta at Patan, Nepal. Chinnamasta temple is built in both Ying and Yang energy.

This temple is built according to tantric principle.

Thousands of visitors come here to gain sexual energy, childless couples come here to get child.
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This temple is very famous for wish fulfillment. Mother Chinnamasta is ruled by planet Venus. Venus is planet of love, sex. Mother Chinnamasta is 6th Mahavidha of Ten Mahavidha.

Chinnamasta is a composite one, conveying reality as an amalgamation of sex, death, creation, destruction and regeneration. It is stunning representation of the fact that life, sex, and death are an intrinsic part of the grand unified scheme that makes up the manifested universe.

She is traditionally portrayed as a naked or scantily dressed woman astride the bodies, in intimate position, of Kama (Hindu god of love and sexual lust), and his wife Rati.

Chinnamasta, having severed her own head with her own sword, holds her severed head on one of her hands. Three jets of blood spurt out of her bleeding neck, and one streams into her own mouth of her severed head, while the other two streams into the mouths of her two female associates.

There are two different interpretations of this aspect of Chinnamasta’s iconography. One understands it as a symbol of control of sexual desire, the other as a symbol of the goddess’s embodiment of sexual energy.

The most common interpretation is one where she is believed to be defeating what Kamadeva and Rati represent, namely sexual desire and energy. In this school of thought she signifies self-control, believed to be the hallmark of a successful yogi.

Mother Chinnamasta is very graceful goddess. She cut her own head when her two attendants, Jaya and Vijaya were starving to death and there was no food. To save them she cut her own head and gave her blood to drink them so that their hunger will be fulfilled. Now you can imagine how graceful she is.

In the temple of Mother Chinnamasta there is also staue of Bhairav. Bhairav is also god of sexual power. In the wall of temple you can see various images of several powerful tantric images. While worshipping mother Chinnamasta you should use blue color then you get maximum benefit of her puja.

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