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Churiya Mai Temple In Nepal

The world famous Churiya Mai temple is situated at Tribhuvan highway in Hetauda city of Nepal.

This temple is famous and popular for various things. The vehicle owners have great faith on the goddess Churiyamai. When a new vehicle is purchased it is firstly offered to the Churiya Mai.

People also come here to perform Puja and Homam at Churiya Mai temple to save them from accidents, crash or any types of unpleasant situations.

While driving we don’t know when someone will go to crash their Vehicle on yours. Our may be by mistake you knock down someone.. To escape and protect from such situations Churiya Mai online Puja and Homam is done. If you are accident prone or weak Mars in birth chat then it may be good idea to perform online puja at Churiya Mai.

If you have brought new vehicle then it is good idea to offer it to her and perform her Online Puja and Homam, to get her power and protection.

Churiyamai temple is famous not in Nepal only but also rest of the world. Each day many visitors come in Churiya Mai temple to worship. Here people also come to make Vakal ( ask goddess to fulfil their desires. When Vakal is fulfilled they come to Churiya Mai Temple again and perform thanks giving Puja.

Churiyamai is one of such temples, where thousands of devotees come to worship. According to the legendary, the temple became famous among the people after the construction of Churiya tunnel in 1965 BS. Since the tunnel is in the Churiya Mountain, the name of the temple is derived from the name of mountain getting suffix “Mai” adding on Churiya.

The main temple is placed just ahead of the tunnel. But after the construction of the Tribhuvan highway a substitute temple was constructed with an image of the goddess and placed on the left near the highway. The devotees who come there to worship the goddess climb a two minutes narrow street on the hill reach to the main statue.

The main devotees are those who are the owner of heavy vehicles and the drivers that run on the dangerous vehicles.

In the ninth day of Dashain (the greatest festival of Hindus) i.e. Navami, she is worship as form of goddess Durga. People all over from Nepal and India gather on the day of Navami so it is very difficult to control the huge crowd. Not only on that day but also around the year number of people especially those who purchase new vehicle go to the temple.

The vehicle owners have great faith on the goddess Churiyamai. When a new vehicle is purchased it is firstly offered to the Churiya Mai. Churiya Mai temple is great historical as well religious place situated at Makwanpur district of Nepal.


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