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Chitra Purnima at Sri Vaidyanathaswami temple at Thirumazhapadi, Tamil Nadu

Sri Vaidyanathaswami temple is located in Thirumazhapadi, in the district of Ariyalur, in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is about 1000-2000 years old. The presiding deity of this temple is Vaidyanathaswami and the Mother Goddesses are Sundarambikai and Balambikai.

The holy tree in the temple premises is Palm tree and the holy water is Kollidam, Lakshmi and Sivaganga. The type of puja performed in this temple is known as Kamya Agama. This place is mentioned as Mazhuvadi in the ancient religious texts and scriptures.

On the northern bank of Cauvery, this is the 54th Lord Shiva temple that is praised in Thevaram hymns. In the Thevaram hymns of Saint Sundarar, the Lord of the temple is praised with lot of dedication and devotion. He says, “I would think of after seeing his gold skinned Lord, clad in tiger skin, kondrai flowers spreading fragrance from His head, with lightning bright hair, the crescent moon, his King, and a precious gem blessing the world from Mazhapadi.”

The important festivals conducted in this temple are Tirukarthikai in November-December, Aipasi Annabishekam in October-November and Maha Shivrathri in February-March plus all the days of Amavasya and purnima. Devotees from the nook and corner of the world visit this temple because the Lord is known as wish fulfiller among the devotees.

A large number of local and foreign tourists also visit this temple throughout the year. The temple tank in front of the temple is regarded very sacred. All the devotees have a bath or dip in the early morning before visiting this particular temple.

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