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Chaitra Amavasya

Chaitra Amavasya is observed during the Chaitra Masa according to Hindu Calender. As per English Calender, it falls in the months of April May.

Chaitra Amavasya is usually the first amavasya to come in the Hindu New year and this is very important for performing the shradh and tarpan rituals for the dead ancestors in the family.

It is absolutely necessary to perform shradh to get relief from pitru dosha. Also food and clothes should be donated to Brahmins and other poor people to the maximum ability. This will help overcome the malefic effects of various planets and provide good health and wealth.

During Chaitra Amavasya, people take the holy ritualistic bath and fast while performing the shradh ceremony for the ancestors. Generally people perform the rituals at home or in holy places as per their convenience. The ancestors will be relieved and bless the members of the family.

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