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Shree Shaneeswar Temples in Mumbai for Amavasya devotees

Shree Shaneeswar Temples is located near Sheryas cinema at Ghatkopar (west) and next to Nageshwar Paarshwanaathjee Jain Temple. Shree Shani Mandir is located at Katemanevli, Kalyaan (East), near Vitthalwaadee (Central Railway) Railway Station. Shree [...]

Thirunallur Shani Temple in Pondicherry dotted by Amavasya devotees

It is to be noted that Thirunallur Shani temple is populatly known as Sri Darbaraneshwar Swaamy Devasthaan and locally called as Saneeswar Bhagavaan Temple. This temple is located at Thirunallur, near Karaikal, in Pondicherry state. All the [...]

Gomtinagar Kalibari Samiti, lucknow conducts Kali puja on Kartik Amavasya

In Lucknow, Kali temple located in Gomtinagar is popular among Amavasya devotees because annual Kali puja is conducted by Gomtinagar Kalibari Samiti on the night of Diwali or on Kartik Amavasya day. In a festive line-up of bhog next day, goddess [...]

Procedure of conducting Simple Dipawali Lakshmi Puja on Amavasya day

1. Member participating should face sitting towards East direction. 2. In front of you, place peetham and spread unused small towel or red cloth on top 3. On top of the red cloth, place Goddess Lakshmi’s picture. 4. On both side, put oil lamps 5. [...]

What are required for Simple Dipawali Lakshmi Puja on Amavasya day?

According to Hindu religious scholars and pundits, a simple Dipawali Lakshmi Puja conduct at home on the day of Amavasya will give good results for the members of the household. This puja can be conducted by hiring the service of an acharya [...]

Other Nimishambha temples for Amavasya devotees

The Nimishambha temples are very popular among the Amavasya devotees because it is strongly believed that within a minute all the problems of the devotees are solved after praying at these temples. The main Sri Nimishamba temple is located on [...]

Navagraha Stotram for Amavasya devotees

Sun (Soorya, Surya) Japaakusuma sankaasham kashyapeyam mahadyuti | Dwaantaarim sarva paapaghnam pranatosmi diwakaram || Moon (Chandra) Dhadhishankha tushaaraambham ksheerodaarnava sambhavam | tamaami shashinam bhaktya shambhoh mukuta bhooshanam [...]

Siddhivinayak Temple, Siddhatek is crowded on Somavati Amavasya

On Somavati Amavasya that is a no-moon day that happens on a Monday and during Vijayadashami a grand festival and fair is held on at Siddhavinayak Temple. This temple is located at Siddhatek in the Karjat taluka, in Ahmednagar District, in the [...]

River Brahmaputra dotted Shiva Temple for Amavasya devotees

During the ancient time, Assam was known as Kamarupa and the Holy Brahmaputra River flows through this state and meet the Holy Ganga in West Bengal to proceed towards the Delta in Bay of Bengal. There are several ancient temples of Lord Shiva [...]

How to draw the support of Shani Bhagavan on the day of Amavasaya?

In order to draw the direct support of Shani Bhagavan, the common Mantra that can be recited by all the Hindu religious devotees and particularly by those who are affected by the ill effects of Saturn in their life is: “Om Sham Shanaischaryaye [...]