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Datta Jayanti on 16’th december – 2013, A brief Story of Lord “Dattatreya”

Datta Jayanti, is the birth day of Lord Dattatreya said to be a Trimurthi avatar, viz., Lord Sri Maha Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma, Combined. The celebrations are done on the Full moon day of Margashira masam (Generally happen to be month of December/January [...]

Vinayaki, Ganeshini (Ganesh in Female form, Feminine Ganesha)

According to the religious sacred text, Lord Ganesh’s feminine form is Vinayaki.  She has female breast and an elephant head. In India, there are only few such representations of Vinayaki. On a stone lintel that is located in Rikhian, Banda [...]

Other Ganesha mounts and the Serpent

The usual vehicle of Lord Ganesh is the mouse. It is quite rare to see an image or idol or statue of Lord Ganesha without his mouse. If it is so then it seems like missing really something. There are rear image of Lord Ganesh with peacock as [...]

Sri Ganpathi: Lord of Mind Power

The mouse is the vehicle of the incomparable Lord Ganesha. The word ‘mouse’ is derived from the root word ‘mush’ which means to rob. All living creatures enjoy stealing as the mouse,which doesn’t care to know about the fruit of it. [...]

Birth of Lord Ganesha according to Skanda Purana

In every Kalpa (creation by God Brahma in one day; in Skanda Purana, thirty kalpas are mentioned), we find different stories about the birth of Ganesha. The story about Ganesha’s birth narrated in Shveta-varaaha kalpa (also known as Divine [...]

Story of Intelligence of Ganesha (Vinayaka’s Pradakshina to Shiva & Parvati)

There was a story behind Ganesha acquiring Modaka which he always holds in his hands. All the gods had decided to visit Kailas in order to pay the respects to Shiva and the goddess Parvati. They all have presented goddess Parvati a specially [...]

Why we worship Ganesha with Durva grass? (Significance of Ganapathi Durva Puja)

There was a demon known as Analasura. The asura was so terrible that the earth would tremble by his voice and the eyes would emit the fire. Everyone was much terrified by the sight of the demon. Even the gods were very much scared and were helpless. [...]

Consorts of Lord Ganesha (Story of Ganpati’s marriage with Siddhi & Buddhi)

The marital status of Ganesha had varied widely in the mythological series (religious history). There are different consorts which are quite identifiable. There is one pattern which says Ganesha as an unmarried Brahmin with no consorts. The [...]

Story of Ganesha, Sage Agasthya & Cauvery River

To celebrate the auspicious wedding of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati all the gods and goddess gathered at Mount Kailas, the Himalayas. This mammoth gathering has led the northern land to dip. Then the Lord Shiva asked the sage Agasthya to travel [...]

Historicalness of Moon & Ganesha Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha’s birthday is celebrated as Ganesha Chaturthi. This festival is celebrated in the month of Bhadrapada, and to be precise on the fourth day, which is around the months of August and September. One can witness the brightness on [...]