Hinduism News:

Pune Festival 2012 to enthrall with drama sports, music and dance

The city of Pune will come to a standstill on September 21 because of the 24th edition of the Pune Festival that is conducted during the Ganesh Utsav season will kick off with much fanfare. The grand events in the offing are drama sports, music [...]

On Sept 23, Honour for Mantralaya bravehearts will be held as part of Ganeshutsav 2012

The original giant of Lalbaug, the Ganesh Gully mandal, has special reserved pride of place for all those residents and citizens who serve the city. This mandal has the tradition of organizing a series of special ‘aartis’ on all [...]

Ganesh mandals disaster management workshop held in Mumbai

Recently, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) organized a Ganesh Mandal disaster management workshop 2012 in Mumbai. This workshop aimed at bringing awareness and equips the Ganesh Mandal organizers and volunteers to perfectly deal [...]

Lord Ganesh in Sitting Postures is a common idol all over India

In Rajasthan mural paintings, Lord Ganesh sits on low six or eight sided square-shaped table. However, in many paintings Ganesh sits on ground. Such pictures/paintings were common during 18th to 19th century and adorned wall of palaces and royal [...]

Significance of Mouse, Lord Ganesha’s vehicle

It is a known fact that mouse or rat is assumed as the vehicle of God Ganesh, so without rat’s non-existence mysterious God Ganesh will always struck as odd. However few exceptional cases will directly take to origin of Ganesha’s vehicle [...]

Divine characters’ Postures of Lord Ganesha

Though Ganesh postures seem to be unadorned, the fact is that those postures show numerous differences which showcase the craftsman ability to innovate every single detail of the posture including the way Ganesha has his trunk bent without neglecting [...]

Highly used conventional Ganesh idols for Ganesh Chathurthi

On the finishing day of the celebration of Lord Ganesh, after worshiping devotees immerse their deity in to the water. Since the idols are all made of plaster they generally augment the acid level and heavy metal content in water. Different [...]

The immersion of Ganesh idols & Pollution issues

In the present scenario of Ganesh Chathurthi, the major issues related to this festivity is that the water in the lake get polluted due to the immersion of Ganesh idols made of Plaster of Paris. It is to be noted that in order to give bright [...]

Positions & postures of Lord Ganesha

The sculptures of Indian gods and deities and other heavenly beings depicting different postures and hip movements have been encouraged and influenced by the art of dancing. Therefore, one needs to be groomed in the fundamentals of what constitutes [...]

Specialty of Ganesh images & idols

In the western part of Madhya Pradesh or Maharashtra, the Ganesh image or idols in the temple are stone images that are often vermilion-painted. On the other hand, in South, they are oil-anointed to darken them and make them shiny. It is to [...]