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Legends of Dasara : Homecoming of Durga

Navaratri is the celebration of Goddess Durga. She is worshipped in different forms on each day of Navratri and on the last day Vijayadashami is celebrated. There are many legends about the rituals and celebrations of Navaratri and one of the [...]

Legends of Dasara : Durga kills Mahishasura

Dasara is the final day of celebration during the Navaratri festival. It signifies the victory of good over the evil. There are many legends related to the celebrations of navratri and one of the popular ones is that of the Goddess Durga killing [...]

Legends of Navaratri : Ayudha Puja

Navaratri is one of the most celebrated festivals among Hindus across the world. During this period, different forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped on each day of the festival.There are several legends regarding the rituals and customs which [...]