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The tall order of this Ganeshutsav is Shorter Ganesh idols

In Lalbaug and Khetwadi, Mumbai most of the big-ticket mandals are rightly located. The record-breaking heights Ganesh idols are located in Khetwadi’s 14 lanes. On the other hand, 13 host big Ganeshas idols. Moreover, competition between the [...]

Swayambhu Vinayakas in south India (Excavated Paintings, idols of Lord Ganesha)

In other pilgrimage places, Vinayakas can also be noticed. For example in Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh), where pilgrims visit six Vinayakas, a devotee notices the last four of the ten from Varanasi, and two more, namely  Vighna-kartr-Vinayaka and [...]

Forms & colors of Ganesha

In the Ganapati Upanishad, Lord Ganesh’s physical appearance is well described. According to this text, “He has only one tusk but four arms. Two of the hands hold a noose and a goad. The two other hands display the varada mudrâ , [...]

Rare Ganesha idols in Thailand

On the different monument of Thailand, Ganesh has been represented in Thai Art. During the 6th and 8th centuries, Thailand was ruled by the Mon Hindu dynasty built many Ganesh temples. The excavation department mainly started their discovery [...]

Vinayaki, Ganeshini (Ganesh in Female form, Feminine Ganesha)

According to the religious sacred text, Lord Ganesh’s feminine form is Vinayaki.  She has female breast and an elephant head. In India, there are only few such representations of Vinayaki. On a stone lintel that is located in Rikhian, Banda [...]

The standing posture of Lord Ganesh

A rigid attitude is depicted in the standing posture such as of  Vishnu or also the Tîrthankara . This particular posture is known as abhanga that means no-bent body or according to the ancient sacred text as samabhanga or samapâda. There [...]

The Sitting posture of Lord Ganesh

On a pedestal of lotus or a kind of throne known as pitha, most of the sitting postures of Lord Ganesh is depicted. There are only very rear cases of Lord Ganesh sitting on the ground. According to the mural Shekavatî paintings in Rajasthan, [...]

Other Ganesha mounts and the Serpent

The usual vehicle of Lord Ganesh is the mouse. It is quite rare to see an image or idol or statue of Lord Ganesha without his mouse. If it is so then it seems like missing really something. There are rear image of Lord Ganesh with peacock as [...]

Ganesh Temples in Cambodia

In Tuol Pheak Kin, Kandal, Cambodia, a Sandstone sitting Ganesh was found. It belonged to early Angkor period that is dated to 7th-8th century. The idol holds a radish in His right hand and in another hand a bowl where the trunk is soaking. [...]

Mandals set to play social messenger in Ganeshotsav 2012

The tradition initiated by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak is gaining momentum in 2012 too. The specialty of this 10-day Ganpati festival is drawing each and every mandals are much busy with creation of large set and beautiful decorations with [...]