Hinduism News:

Ban Plastic for Eco-friendly Ganesh Festival

A usual scene near each and every Ganesh pandal these days are plastic garbage thrown here and there. These plastic bags reach these pandal in the form of offerings such as flowers, fruits, prasadams etc brought by the peoples to the Ganesh [...]

Artificial immersion tanks for Ganesh Visarjan

The common traditional of immersion of Ganesh idols happens in the natural water bodies such as sea, ocean, rivers, lakes and ponds. The water from these water bodies are used for irrigation purpose and drinking water sources. Immersion causes [...]

Plaster of Paris out & clay set in this Ganeshotsav 2012

In the all the major cities and town, Eco-Ganeshas are a major hit with artisans really struggling in order to keep up with the heavy demand. According to the version of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) official, it was difficult three [...]

Immersion processions to take less time this Ganeshutsav 2012

The Maharashtra state government has taken a crucial step to reduce the immersion procession. The 10-day Ganesh festival with the final day marking the immersion procession usually takes more than 24 hours during the last few decades. The decision [...]

Role of 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle in Eco-friendly Ganesh festival

3Rs-Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the three vital factors when really thinking about how to recycle – The 3 R’s. it is to be highly noted that the three R’s means the first R represents reduce, the second R represents reuse and the third [...]

Environmental Impact of Ganesh Festival

Nearly 90% of the Ganesh idols of large and small size are made of plaster of Paris (POP). It is to be highly noted that POP dissolves very slowly in water and gradually and steadily releases its dangerous and harmful components in the surroundings [...]

Cut-and-dry cotton Ganesha largely set to break several records in Ganeshutsav 2012

Shree Ganesh Mitra Mandal based at Malad is planning a lot if things go well. They are planning to create a world record as its active members and volunteers are about to make using cotton for an 8.5ft Ganesh idol this season. The Nasik-based [...]

Pramod Palav’s 15 minutes dissolving Ganesh idol for Ganeshutsav 2012

An artist from Kankavli, Sindhudurg named Pramod Palav is making news headline in the print and electronic media. He has successfully designed a 21-foot-tall Ganpati idol for a mandal in Andheri with sap of ficus and shaadu maati (clay). He [...]