Hinduism News:

Ahilyadevi Girls High School School goes green with paper idols this Ganeshotsav

The Pune-based Ahilyadevi Girls High School is much renowned for their importance and acumen in education. Their students have come up with unique and innovative way through their green Ganeshotsav drive. The students of this school are making [...]

Mandals set to play social messenger in Ganeshotsav 2012

The tradition initiated by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak is gaining momentum in 2012 too. The specialty of this 10-day Ganpati festival is drawing each and every mandals are much busy with creation of large set and beautiful decorations with [...]

Refrain from Noise Pollution in Ganeshotsav celebrations

In the present scenario of Ganesh festival, most of the popular Ganesh pandal including small minor Pandals are filling application to get permission to allow use of Radio jockey or disc jockey during the Ganesh festivals. Most street is having [...]

Some useful tips for eco-friendly Ganesh festival celebrations

During the ongoing Ganesh festival use only Eco Friendly Ganesh idols, adopting ourselves to green is the new slogan. Have boldness to say no to thermocol or polystyrene, Plaster of paris, plastic, clay and chemical filled Ganesh idols. Do adopt [...]

Why should we celebrate Eco-friendly Ganesh Festival?

One of the blissfully and joyfully celebrated main festivals all over India is Ganesh Chathurthi. The God of power and wisdom is Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed god. Before initiating any kind of work people worship Ganesh in India. During [...]

Awareness on Green Ganesh or Eco-friendly Ganesh

The concept of the Ganesh festival needs a better understanding among the public. They should be made to know its effects on our Mother Nature and its true sense according to the religious customs and traditions. There is a large need to create [...]

Unity in society- limited public pandal for Ganesh Chaturthi festival

Most of the metropolitan cities, town and village come live during the 10 days Ganesh festival. There are permanent popular Ganesh mandals who organize every year Ganesh pandals with different size and form Ganesh idols. A month before the Ganesh [...]

Now, Ganesh idols go much green with lot of veggies

In most of the metropolitan cities and town there is a race to roll out the best and huge Ganesh idol for this Ganesh Festival 2012. The public is more curious to know first which Ganesh mandal has come out with their best Ganesh Idol 2012. [...]

Eco-Ganesh idol crusaders on action

Recently at the Sophia College festival, Kaleidoscope 2012, the Times Green Ganesh (TGG) Ambassador programme titled eco-friendly Ganeshotsav was successfully launched. This particular programme was launched in order to bring awareness and encourage [...]

Save energy, avoid rangoli color & limit decoration items in Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav

During the Ganesh festival, Ganesh idols and Pandals are decorated with different watts colorful and bright bulbs and tube lights. In order to save energy, try to follow these methods. Switch on the decorative lights only during the peoples [...]