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Surya Grahan 23rd October 2014 effect in India

This year 2014 saw 2 solar eclipses. The first one occured on April 29 2014 and now , we have one more happening on 23rd October 2014. According to Indian Standard Time IST, The Surya Grahan will occur between 1.08 am to 5.22 am. This would [...]

Surya Grahan Mantra for 23rd October 2014 – Solar Eclipse Mantra

The period of Grahan will have some negative effects on few people. It depends on the alignment of the stars according to the Kundali. As a general rule, you should follow some precautions during Grahana. This is true for both Surya Grahana [...]

Surya Grahan Sutaka Period for 23rd October 2014

The period during which Surya Grahan occurs is said to be inauspicious. This period of Grahana is also called Surya Grahana Sutaka. It is advisable not to do any auspicious work during this period other than chanting of mantras. Things to avoid [...]

Effect of Eclipse on Kundalinee Energy

Eclipse has a deep impact on the human body. It is said to alter many things in the behavior of the person. It is for this reason that our ancestors gave a lot of importance to many rituals during eclipse. However, most of the things are not [...]

Effect of Grahana on Kundalinee Shakti

Grahana is the ideal time to work on your Mantra Sadhana. During Surya Grahana or Chandra Grahana, the Kundalinee Shakti will flow freely leading to a state of Samadhi. It is for this reason that the Grahana Kaal Sadhana is ideal for Mantra [...]

Powerful Karn Pischachini Sadhana during Grahan

The period of Grahan is said to be the most powerful for doing any sadhana. One of the rare and most powerful sadhanas done by Sadhaks is the Karn Pischachini Sadhana. This involves chanting of the Karn Pischachini Mantra for 1.5 Lakh times. [...]

Types of Surya and Chandra Grahan

There are 4 types of Surya Grahan and 3 types of Chandra Grahan. Depending on the alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth, the type of Grahan is determined There are four kinds of Surya Grahan (Solar eclipse). (1) Total eclipse – when the [...]

Rituals during Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse)

There are many important rituals to be followed during Surya Grahan. We have mentioned below few details. Consult your astrologer to get more details and rituals if your rashi is particularly affected during Surya Grahan. The very first caution [...]

Mantra Sadhana during Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse)

Mantra Sadhana during Solar Eclipse is said to be very powerful and will give you many siddhis. Chanting mantra during grahan is thousand times more powerful than normal chanting. There are two types of Saadhanaa which are recommended during [...]

Mantra Sadhana during Grahan

While most people associate Grahan with many rituals and pujas, the sadhus believe that it is the right time to perform Mantra Sadhana. It is said that chanting mantra during Grahan kaal is thousands of times more powerful than any regular period. [...]