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Puja room decoration ideas for Diwali

Diwali which is known as the “festival of lights” is an auspicious occasion to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi and the Ganesh. There are several ways through which the puja room is decorated to give it a bright and fresh look. The important [...]

Sharda Puja during Diwali

The festival of Sharda festival is usually celebrated on the third day of the Diwali. It is also noted as the last day of the Hindu year. On this special occasion, the devotees light all the diyas and decorate the house with all the lights, [...]

Office Decoration Ideas for Diwali

Diwali is certainly a festival with lights and with the strong cultural background. This celebration has also been extended to the office and every corner across the country. It is a perfect time for a new start and figuring out unique ways [...]

Home Decoration Ideas for Diwali

There are a few interesting ways in which you can decorate your houses on this special Diwali. A unique way to decorate your house is to implement some tips and can make your home a welcoming place for the visitors. Many of them paint their [...]

Bedroom Decoration Tips for Diwali

Here are the few tips to make your bedroom look different, unique and festive. There are certain ways in which you can redesign the entire bedroom. Decorate the room with some retro handicrafts, wall papers etc. Add bright color cushions of [...]