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Butan Devi ( Mahishasura Mardini ) Temple

The wonderful Butan Devi temple is located at Bhutan Devi Road-10, Hetauda. Butan Devi Temple is not only very famous temple of Hetauda but its famous all over Nepal.

Butan Devi Temple is built in perfect Vastu principal. By performing Online Butan Devi Puja one may overcome grave problems, tensions, sorrow and fear and get all types of victory.

Butan Devi is actually Goddess Mahishasura Mardini. Goddess Durga killed Mahishasura a great demon who defeated all the Gods. Mahishasura, a great demon (asura), has undertaken extraordinary austerities, and thereby accrued such vast power that even the Gods can no longer defeat him.

In successive battles, they lose the three worlds to Mahishasura’s superior might — and the Cosmic Order in thrown into disarray. To win demon Mahishasura Gods needed somebody who can kill him. But who can defeat an enemy that is mightier than the Gods? Answer is The Power (Shakti) that created both the Gods and the enemy in the first place.

In order to access that Power, the Gods must reverse the downward unfolding of Divine manifestation, which is the cosmic tattvas. Accordingly, all the Gods simultaneously offer their own individual powers back to their common Source. And as they do so, they behold an extraordinary sight, as the Source begins to materialize before their eyes.

From all the powers of Gods fiery mass like a flaming mountain born from the bodies of all the Gods. Unifying and pervading the triple world with its lustre became a Woman.

She is Maha Devi, the Great Goddess or Mother Shakti, the Mother of all beings, divine and immortal. Taking the warrior form of her avatar, Goddess Durga, She departs on her lion mount to meet the demon. A battle of nine days and nine nights ensues, during which Devi decimates Mahishasura’s armies using lesser Goddesses produced from her own body.

At last, she and Mahishasura alone remain standing on the corpse-strewn battlefield. Of course, Mahishasura cannot win, but he takes the forms of many powerful beasts as he tries.

While he is in mid-transformation from Buffalo back to Human form, Devi finally slays him, thus saving the Universe, restoring the Cosmic Order — and earning the title, Mahishasura Mardini.

Hindus or Vedic people commemorate this great battle during Durga Puja, or Navratri — the Festival of Nine Nights. Each night a different form of Goddess Durga or Shakti is worshiped; collectively, these forms are known as the Nine Durgas, or Navdurga.

As she killed Mahishasura her name is known as Mahishasura Mardini. Inside the temple there is statue of Goddess Durga killing demon Mahishasura trying to transfer Buffalo back to Human form.

Mahishasura Mardini or Butan Devi represents greatest form of courage and victory. If you are lacking courage or want to have victory over evil hearts and spirits, or if you are in grave problems than doing Online puja of Butan Devi or Mahishasura Mardini is very good idea. Fears come to our life in various forms and ways fear of losing love, fear of losing job, fear of losing fame etc. To overcome all types of fear and get victory over it you can perform Online Mahishasura Mardini Puja at Butan Devi temple.

Inside Butan Devi temple there are various other temples of Gods and Goddess like Radha Krishna temple, Lakshmi Narayana temple, Lord Shiva temple, Manakamana Devi temple etc as she holds the power and energies of all those God and Goddess.

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