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Birth of Lord Ganesha according to Skanda Purana

In every Kalpa (creation by God Brahma in one day; in Skanda Purana, thirty kalpas are mentioned), we find different stories about the birth of Ganesha. The story about Ganesha’s birth narrated in Shveta-varaaha kalpa (also known as Divine Boar Cycle) is very interesting and involving. Just go through this narration to get multiple religious and spiritual benefits:

Vijayaa and Jayaa were close friends of Shakti Parvati. Once they suggested to Maa Parvati that she must have a son to head the ganas of Shiva. Shakti Parvati liked the suggestion and thought, “Yes, I should have my own son. He will never disobey me and will also perform all his duties perfectly.”

Thus The Goddess Parvati, primordial energy herself, created a boy just by her will power using dust and dirt of her own cosmic body. She used three gunas (triple modes of nature) – sattva (poise), lamas (inertia) and rajas (passion). As divine creature, the boy was very handsome. Besides a perfect huge body, the boy had the brilliance of thousands suns. He was strong and brave.

Maa Shakti Parvati blessed the boy and said, “You are my son. You will carry out all my orders like an obedient son.” Then, Parvati gave him with clothes and ornaments.
Ganesha greeted her and said, “My dear Mother, tell me any duty. I promise to do whatever you will say.”

Parvati replied, “Son Ganesha, guard all the gates from today onward and do not let anyone to enter in my home until I allow.” Goddess Parvati gave a hard stick to Bal Ganesha and deputed him to guard the entrance to her palace. “

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