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Bhogi Pongal 2016 date

Sankranti is the festival of the Sun God. In 2016, Bhogi Pongal date is January 14.

On this day , the Sun enters the Makara rashi and this festival is celebrated as the festival of harvest in many parts of the country. Bhogi Pallu is one of the important rituals performed during Sankranti.

Bhogi Pallu is also known as Bhogi Pandlu in some regions and it is performed on the day of Bhogi. On this day, the children in the house are the celebrated ones. They are all dressed up in new clothes and given arati, which is done to ward off the evil eyes. Then a mixture of gooseberries, sugarcane , rice and other food material is mixed up with flowers and some coins which is known as Bhogi pallu. Then this Bhogi Pallu is showered on the heads of the children as blessings from the elders in the family.

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