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Bhagamandala Bhagandeshwara Temple in Kodagu

Bhagamandala is an important pilgrimage destination in kodagu. kodagu is a district of Karnataka state. Bhagamandala is situated on the river named “kaveri” in its upstream side where kaveri joined by two tributaries, the “kannike” and “sujyoti”. Bhagamandala is also called as a river combining of three rivers. It is called as a Triveni sangama in Kannada language.

On October 17 or 18 of every year during Tula Sankramana festival, many pilgrims comes here to take holy dip in Triveni sangama.They perform rituals for their ancestors before they proceed to “Talakaveri” which is birth place of Kaveri.

There is a very famous temple named Bhagandeshwara near to Triveni samgama. Bhagamandala name comes from this place of temple which is called as Bhagandeshwara Kshetra. It is said that this temple complex was built by cholas prior in 11th centuary in style of kerala temple architecture.

In this temple complex there are four temples of Lord Ishwara, Lord Subrahmanya, Lord Mahavishnu and Lord Ganapathi. The Ganapathy temple is in the outer prakara and the other three are in the inner Prakara.This temple complex has a simple structure with small Ardhamantapa of a square Garbhagriha.

In festival of Tula Sankramana in October-november many people comes from different places .many oil lamps are lit in the temple and people enjoying during the festival. All the days of Purnima and Amavasya are celebrated in a grand manner in this temple. Devotees from the nook and corner of the state and neighboring states throng to worship the God and Godesses of this temple with great devotion and dedication.

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