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An interesting religious time of the year for all the Hindus is Bhadrapad, when the dark and bright fortnights are very clearly indicated in terms of numerous ritual related responsibilities toward ancestors or forefathers and the commencement of all joyous festivities. It is also the right time for venturing into new business activities and committing on relationship of mutual bonding. The months from Bhadrapad are always good for farm related activities too.

During the Bhadrapad, most of the religious rituals and pujas are performed at home and temples as per the ancient Hindu tradition. People indulge in whitewashing the house before the commencement of the festive season. They visit temples during the auspicious day and participate in all the religious activities and function with relatives, family members and friends. Goddess Parvathi and Lord Ganesha are given much importance in this particular festive occasion. Special pujas and rituals are performed in the temples that are dedicated to this Goddess and Lord with great devotion and dedication.

According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, Bhadrapad is the right type to conduct all the traditional rituals and pujas in order to please the forefathers and ancestors. It is with their blessing the present generation leads a prosperous and healthy life ahead. Even certain missed or left out rituals and pujas can be performed during the occasion in order to get the mercy and satisfaction of the forefathers and ancestors.

Most of the river ghats and seashore are filled with religious activities during the Bhadrapad days. There is a great demand for priests and religious experts during this particular religious occasion. Hindus give great significance for Bhadrapad in their religious activities with much devotion and dedication. All the family members wholeheartedly indulge in the observance related to Bhadrapad. People seek the advice and suggestion of religious experts in order to perform certain rituals on this occasion.

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