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Bhadra Purnima Festival at Dwaraka Dwarakanath temple

Sri Dwarakanath temple is located in Dwaraka, in the district of Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat. This particular temple is about 1000-2000 years old. This temple is situated on the bank of river Gomathi.

This temple is also known locally as Dwarakeesh Jagat Mandir. The presiding deity of this temple is Dwarakanathar or popularly known as Dwarakeesh. The mother goddesses of the temple are Bhama, Rukmini and Radha.

According to the local legends, many sacred texts have special mention about this particular temple and the place then known as in Sudhamapuri. As per Bhagawatha Purana, Sudhamapuri is the birth place of Sudhama who is popularly known as Kuchela.

The main festivals celebrated are Gokhulashtami-Lord Krishna and Bhadra Purnima in grand scale by the devotees. This temple attracts devotees, local and foreign tourists because of its five storeys with 60 sculptures and architecture of exquisite beauty and idols. Devotees from nook and corner of India and rest of the world visit the temple with great dedication and devotion. This temple is kept open from early morning to mid-noon and later in the evening to dusk. Devotees wholeheartedly offer Vastras (Clothing) and grandly conduct abhisheka to the Lord.

It is to be noted that Dwaraka is also known as Mool Dwaraka. According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, Dwaraka was built of gold and regarding this, it is mentioned in Harivansh, Vishnu Purana, Skanda Mahapurana and Srimad Bhagwad Gita. Archaeologists with great effort had excavated some portions of Dwaraka from the Arabian Sea.

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