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Bhado Amavasya in Jhunjhunu Rani Sati Temple, Rajasthan

Rani Sati Temple Rani Sati mandir is situated in Jhunjhunu town in the state of Rajasthan in Western India. It is one of the most famous temples for Hindu devotees, native and foreign tourists in Rajasthan.

This particular temple is a testimony to feminine spirit and bravery. It has a unique history that dates back to 400 years and it certainly captures the large attention of all kinds of pilgrims. This place is quite popular for rare paintings related to Hindu religion in Rajasthani styles and patterns.

On the grand occasion of Bhado Amavasya (no moon day), a special Pujanutsav is held in this temple and it is attended by large number of devotees from nook and corner of Rajasthan and rest of India. The principal deity of this temple is Goddess Sati Devi.

Any kind of statue or painting of either male or female gods isn’t present in this temple; it is one of the remarkable features of this popular temple. A special force and a trident depicting power are largely worshipped religiously by the devotees. It is to be noted that a beautiful portrait of Rani Satiji attractively engraved in glass is present in this temple. The temple is structured with white marbles and walls have colorful paintings.

The main complex of Rani Sati temple consists of a Lord Shiva Temple, Ganesha Temple, Sita Temple, Hanuman Temple, Sodas Matrika temples and Nav Grah Temples. After every ‘aarti’, the regular ‘prasad’ distribution is made for the devotees. There are many local bus and taxi service for the devotees to reach this temple during the Bhado Amavasya day.

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