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Benefits of Daan on Kartik Purnima

A hundred Ashvamedh Yagyas equivalent is giving charity and taking bath in sacred rivers on the auspicious day of kartik purnima. In order to achieve happiness, satisfaction and health in life, a person should have the habit of giving donations.

It can be in the form of donation of cows(gaudaan), feeding to Brahmins, helping other by different means for preserving from unpleasantness and harm, giving ann and vastra daan to poor etc. Most of the Hindu household indulges in Vastra daan, bhandara and anna daan for all those needy people in the locality and poor people in the vicinity of the temple on the grand occasion of the special day that is kartik/tripuri purnima.

There are many astrological benefits associated with Kartik purnima puja. This particular puja largely reduces the malefic effects of Chandra, Surya and Brahaspati. It really benefits to bring good luck to all the family members in the household. A devotee who is undergoing the mahadasa (main-period) and antardardasa (sub-period) of Moon, jupiter and Sun can take all type of benefits through carrying out this particular daan and puja.

The following are the advantage of Kartik Purnima Puja and daan

  • To effectively and efficiently achieve success in personal and professional life
  • To promote financial stability and prosperity
  • To obtain immovable property and its power
  • To directly accerlerate and have smooth functioning of any kind of business.
  • To reduce the malefic direct and indirect effect of afflicted Jupiter.
  • In order to obtain sidhi.
  • For overall spiritual and materialistic development
  • For all type of excellent results and achieve higher education of students.

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