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Badam Halwa: Preparation Method

Ingredients required are:

3 cups of almonds

3 cups of sugar

2-3 cups of non-dairy milk

1 tsp of cardamom powder

4 tbsp of vegan butter

For the garnish:

1 tsp of canola oil

2-3 tbsp of golden raisins

2-3 tbsp of pumpkin seeds

Method of preparation

In order to soften the almonds, soak in water for 3-4 hours. Then grind it with soymilk so that you can make a thick barter. Add sufficient soyamilk in this process and don’t add excess water for grinding. The paste should look like a pancake-like batter. The barter can be slightly grainy but should be without any lumps or any big pieces.

Take a skillet and pour the batter in to it. Add sugar and heat it in low-medium flame. Do stir it constantly so that it doesn’t get burnt at the sides or bottom of the vessel.

When the excess water from the mixture gets evaporated then remove it from the stove. Add cardamom powder to it. Finally pour it in a serving dish.

in order to garnish the halwa, take a small saucepan and heat the canola oil in it. Add raisins and pumpkin seeds and stir until they just start to change brownish color. Then pour these ingredients over the halwa.

P.S. Among the halwas, Badam Halwa is rich halwa. It is so delicious and tasty. It is quite very easy to be prepared at home. Women folks love to make it in their kitchen with a few minutes. Children like this sweet very much during the festivity.

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