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Awareness on Green Ganesh or Eco-friendly Ganesh

The concept of the Ganesh festival needs a better understanding among the public. They should be made to know its effects on our Mother Nature and its true sense according to the religious customs and traditions. There is a large need to create more and more eco friendly ways in order to celebrate Ganesh festivals.

Green Ganesh or Eco-friendly Ganesh methods should be developed and large scale awareness should be spread among the public. The government, non-governmental organization, private parties and organizers should be distribute prizes to communities who really promote and implement eco friendly methods of celebrating Ganesh festivals.

More videos and poster should be made available that can be shown in the neighborhoods in order to create awareness regarding the importance of eco-friendly methods of celebrating Ganesh festival. The government, non-governmental organization, private parties and organizers can also conduct workshops and awareness drive for this purpose.

Even compost pit for organic material can be constructed in the locality. This pit can be filled with flowers, garlands, waste materials collected from the Ganesh pandals. It is to be noted that the composed materials can be used later as fertilizer in the garden or public garden.

Public should accept symbolic immersion as the part and parcel of this festival. This method can do wonders. The symbolically immersion can be done at home instead of immersing Ganesh idol in water bodies. The best method of small Ganesh idols is immersion in a large bucket with water. On a large Ganesh idol can be immersed by sprinkling water on it.

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