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Malabar Temples Face Closure Threat

Even as crores of rupees is being set aside for renovation of temples, many temples in Malabar are facing the threat of closure thanks to the non-availability of employees. Many temple employees are shying away from their conventional profession [...]

History and Significance of Sri Ranganathar Temple, Sriranga Pattanam

History of Sri Ranganathar Temple, Sriranga Pattanam

History and Significance of Sri Swedaranyeswarar Temple, Rajendrapattinam 

King Rajaraja Cholan prayed to Lord of this temple seeking child boon and was blessed with a son who later grew famous as Rajendra Cholan, hence, the place is called Rajendra Pattinam. Another king, Suvedhan a, staunch Shiva devotee was infected [...]

Sri Ashutosh Maharaj Quotes on Religion

The word religion is derived from the Latin word ‘re ligare’. Re means ‘back’ and ligare means ‘to the origin’. Together they mean ‘that which binds one back to the origin’. The origin of all jivas is paramatma. To get to the [...]
kalyanji temple diggi

5600 year old Kalyanji Temple Diggi Rajasthan

Kalyanji Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu and is located at Diggi in Rajasthan. The temple is more than 5600 years old. Story of Kalyanji Temple According to legend King Digva had leprosy as he was cursed by a celestial maiden. He [...]
hindu-temple in malaysia

Demolition of Hindu Temples in Malaysia

In a sad turn of events, Many Hindu temples in Malaysia have been targeted by some people. Several Hindu temples have been demolished in Malaysia in the last couple of years and more than 50 temples have been served notice. Some of the temples [...]

Sri Ramana Maharshi on the Role of Effort in Brahman Realization

Effort is necessary up to the stage of realization. Even then the Self should spontaneously become evident, otherwise happiness would not be complete. Up to the stage of spontaneity there must be effort, in some form or other. Divine grace is [...]

Japamala in Hindu Tradition

Japamala is usually made from Tulsi, sandalwood, rosewood, or Rudraksha beads. Sometimes they are made from precious and semi-precious stones. Hindus use Japamala to keep count of the repetition of the mantra. Usually a Japamala consists of [...]

Rukmini Vivah – Rukmini Haran Festival

Rukmini Vivah, also known as Rukmini Haran, is the festival dedicated to the marriage of Lord Krishna and Rukmini Devi which is  observed during the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) in Jyeshta month (May – June). According to Legend, [...]
golden lizard in Kanchi

Lizard / Chameleon Astrology – Balli Dosham Shakunam

As per astrology, there are different effects when a Lizard falls on human beings. The effects are different for men and women.However on a generic note when a lizard falls on a man or a woman’s body up to head leaving stomach, navel, chest [...]