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Mind And Matter

A man is both matter and energy. Body is matter and its moving force or energy is the soul. Thus a human being is a combination of body, mind or soul. This is the reason why man is called a rational and thinking animal. His actions are guided [...]
12 jyotirlinga dwadasha jyotirlinga

Twelve Important Temples Dedicated to Shiva – The Dwadasha Jyotirlingam

The twelve important Hindu temples in India dedicated to Lord Shiva are those with the Jyotirlinga or Jyotirlingam. These 12 temples are known as Dwadash Jyotirlingam or Jyotirlinga. The twelve temples attract millions of Hindu devotees and [...]
natural colours

How to Make Natural Holi Colours at Home?

It is said that Lord Krishna used play Holi with bright-orange Tesu flowers. Earlier, many people used to make natural colours for Holi at home. Today, most people might not be aware of this fact as we are used to ready made chemical colors. [...]

Devi Mantra

This is a Mantra for the mother Goddess. The Mantra describes the mother goddess as Adi Shakti.The Shakti of the mother goddess; the Supreme Being, the divine energy of the mother, is the very divine energy which is found in Shiva. his is the [...]

Significance of Lakshmi Chalisa

Lakshmi Chalisa consists of forty verses dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. The Chalisa is believed to have been composed by Sundardasa. Each verse is dedicated to praising the Goddess and the devotee wants to know when the [...]

Top 10 tallest Hindu God Murtis (Statue or idol) in the World

Statues of Hindu Gods are now seen around the World. Some of the tall statues are situated in various places around the world. We present you with the top 10 tallest Hindu Idols in the World. At present the tallest Hindu murti is the Shiva at [...]

Sant Dnyaneshwari teachings

To perform one’s duties properly is in itself the highest offering. Those who pursue this path are not touched by sin. It is only when one’s duties are neglected and one is inclined to do erroneous acts that one is caught in the cycle of [...]

NITYAANNADANAM in Annavaram Satyanarayana Swamy Temple, AP

NITYAANNADANAM Sri Satyadeva Annaprasada Distribution trust Annadanam is greatest of all, we satisfy any man with annaprasadam, but we do not satisfy with other contributions. As “Athidhi Devobhava”, devasthanam has been implementing Annadanam [...]

The Astronaut Who Brought Samosas Into Space

INDIA, April 5, 2013 (Wall Street Journal): Sunita Williams addressed students at the Science City in Kolkata, April 2, 2013. Ms. Williams, who is on a weeklong trip to India, has also held talks at the Nehru Science Centre in Mumbai and the [...]

Water, Milk For The Gods — Now Being Conserved In Temples

INDIA, March 31,2013 (Hindustan Times): An astrologer and social activist has turned the religious practice of offering water and milk in temples into a unique way of water conservation. Pandit Purushotam Gaur, known as Guruji, has developed [...]