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Amavasya Tharpanam Begins with Achamanam

On the day of Amavasya those who wish to do Amavasya Tharpanam should begin the procedure with Achamanam.

It is highly advised to have an early morning bath or dip in the river or pond before perform any religious rituals and prayers. This is done to keep the body and mind clean and away from any kind of dirt.

The initial procedure of performing the Amasvasya tharpanam begins with Achamanam. An individual should take minute quantities of pure water three times in the right hand. It is highly advised to take the water with the chanting of mantras such as Om Achyuthaya namah, Om Ananthaya namah and Om Govindaya namah. It is to be remembered that just sufficient water should be taken in order to soak one grain of black gram only.

Then the individual should

Touch with thumb both cheeks by saying keshava -Narayana

Touch with ring finger both eyes by saying Madhava –govinda

Touch with the first finger both sides of nose by saying Vishnu-Madhusoodana

Touch with little finger both ears by saying Trivikrama-Vamana

Touch with the middle finger both shoulders by saying Sreedhara-Hrishi kesha

Touch with all fingers the belly button by saying Padmanabha

Touch with all fingers the head by saying Damodara.

After completing saying these mantras, then take the pavitram with Akshadai and wholeheartedly put the Akshadai in the head and immediately wear the said Pavitram in the right ring finger. This is the simple religious procedure of doing it. A person can take the help of a scholar or pundit in performing this act.

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