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Ahilyadevi Girls High School School goes green with paper idols this Ganeshotsav

The Pune-based Ahilyadevi Girls High School is much renowned for their importance and acumen in education. Their students have come up with unique and innovative way through their green Ganeshotsav drive. The students of this school are making papier mache Ganesh idols since the last two years. The girls have been crafting these types of Ganesh idols with perfection with much training and expert advice from school teachers and their craft master. Their home will be adored with these Ganesh idols.

This innovative idea is a bit hit among the students and their parents. On the other hand it is a brainchild project of Mr.Mohan Deshmukh who is the drawing teacher of the school. While speaking to reporter, Deshmukh said, “We had decided to hold a workshop for students to get them to create Ganesha idols out of papier mâché. Other than spending for colours, there is hardly any other expense for students while creating these idols. The commercial idols contain lead and other toxic elements, which pollute the rivers during immersion. Papier mâché Ganesha idols have no toxic or heavy metals, and are eco-friendly.”

At the workshop by students this year, nearly 80 such Ganesh idols were crafted for their homes this Ganesh festival. Desmukh further said, “Thanks to the good response we have been getting in the last two years, we have decided to hold the workshop on a mega scale next year. Along with celebration of Ganeshotsav, if we can enhance ecological consciousness, it would be a huge difference to our lives.”

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