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About Us

“TOH – Times of Hindu” began with the initiative of a few undergraduate students about ten years back. What started as a simple blog in the year 2003 has now taken the form of a big website which has hundreds of contributors from across the world.

The motive behind this effort is to spread awareness about our rich culture and heritage among the youth. We believe it is absolutely essential to stay connected to your roots in order to attain any meaningful growth in the society. Otherwise we would just see materialistic growth and be living a hollow life inside.

Understanding Hinduism properly is essential for a healthy balanced living. Many people mistake Hinduism for a religion, No its not a religion. It is a way of living given to us by our ancestors who researched on these issues for thousands of years.

But the problem with today’s culture is in finding the right guidance about Hinduism. We are making a humble effort to bridge the gap and provide you with information from across the world. It is also a forum for discussing various issues related to Hinduism