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Aati Amavasya is Celebrated with Religious Fervor by Kannadigas

According to the Hindu Kannadigas, Aati Amavasya is the new moon that falls in the lunar month, between July-August as per the local Hindu religious calendar.

On this particular day’s early morning, devotees proceed to the nearby medicinal tree known as Palemara in Tulu and Halemara in Kannada. The devotees strike at the hard truck of the tree in order to remove its bark. Then the bark is crushed in order to get the juice. This particular juice is had in the empty stomach in order to heal or cure all the diseases and be healthy for the future.

The Juice is usually very bitter in taste but it is consumed by all the members of the family and also shared among the relatives and friends. In some household, they add few spicy ingredients to this juice in order to be made consumable by all. It is to be remembered that jaggery or sugar isn’t added to it.

Palemara is also locally known as Devil tree because it gives out bitter and dark syrup that is prepared by tapping the barks of this tree. It is strongly believed that all the health problems are warded off by drinking this juice from Aati to Aati Amavasya. It is to be remembered that any type of bowel troubles are removed by this juice too.

On this day, devotees visit the nearest Shiva temples. In Shri Narahari Sadashiva Temple located at Bantwal in the state of Karnataka, devotees take dip or bath in four ponds locally known as shanka, padhmakaara, chakra and ghadha with the strong belief that their all type of sins would be washed away immediately.

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