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Aamer Chutney

Aamer Chutney which is often pronounced as Chaatni is Bengali is one of the must have items in a traditional Bengali Meal. Though made of raw mangoes, its not exactly a pickle. Chutneys are made in different ways in the country and Bengal specialises in chutney made with frutis like raw mango, tomato, pineapple, papaya etc. Also non vegetarians are known to add fish into it.

Ingredients required to make Aamer Chutney:

  • Raw mango: cut them into pieces, keep the size according to your wish, the smaller the better Mustard seed: about half teaspoon per mango
  • dry red chillies: use accordingly
  • Panch Puran: dry roasted and ground to a powder
  • Sugar and Salt as desired

Process of Making Aamer Chuteny:

Chop the mangoes into small pieces and keep them in a bowl. Take some oil and heat it in a pan, add mustard seeds and some chilli into it. Add the chopped mangoes as soon as the oil is heated enough, add a pinch of turmeric powder into the mixture.

Once the mangoes soften a bit, add salt and some water. Then cook the mixture fully and add sugar as per desired level of sweetness. The sweet and sour Aamer Chaatni is ready to be served .

Green mangoes are high in Vitamin C content and are known to be useful in blood disorders and Gastro intestinal disorders.

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