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5600 year old Kalyanji Temple Diggi Rajasthan

Kalyanji Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu and is located at Diggi in Rajasthan. The temple is more than 5600 years old.

Story of Kalyanji Temple

According to legend King Digva had leprosy as he was cursed by a celestial maiden. He became a leper as he had offended the maiden. To get rid of leprosy, the king offered penance and did intense austerities.

As a result of his penance, Vishnu appeared him in his dream and told about a buried murti on seashore. The king was asked to install the murti in a temple. When the murti is installed the king will be cured of his illness.

The king followed the dream and installed the murti in a temple. That temple is the Kalyanji Temple at Diggi in Rajasthan. The murti worshipped in Kalyanji Temple The murti is carved out of white marble. It has four hands.

The widespread belief is that the murti blesses devotees with prosperity and peace.

People having leprosy are cured after offering worship here. Apart from this those people having problems with vision and fertility also
find relief here. The temple is noted for its architecture especially the sixteen pillars and shikhar. Adjacent to the temple there is also a separate shrine of Lakshmi Narayan.

Thousands of people partake in yatra to the temple during Shravan Purnima period. The temple is open from 4:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

The temple is located around 70 km southwest of Jaipur.


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